Pre-Trail: Thks fr th Mmrs 

Ahhhh! Officially San Diego bound, writing this post on the tarmac of the DFW airport. Going to make this update short and sweet, a thank you to all of the folks that have helped make this trip what it is. The last few weeks have been a series of goodbyes, with promises of staying connected through messaging and social media. PTL for 2017, amirite?
Anyway- here are a handful of photos from sendoffs that were particularly special. From overnight drives, roller skating parties (ily @maydesigns), climbing trips, and April campfires… to weddings, coffee dates and last minute airport meet ups… it’s safe to say that I’m beginning this trek with a full heart. And that’s just the best feeling.

With Gratitude,

ps- I’m officially 3 posts in. Am I a blogger now?? 🤞

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