Update: Tunes & Such

A few of y’all have asked what I listen to/read during the day! Here’s what’s on my audible/kindle/spotify:
Red Letter Revolution: a killer book my buddy Bobby gifted me, speaking on how to be a Christ follower, and how the Church unfortunately misses the mark in a lot of areas.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: duh

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: HOW did I not know Lupin was a werewolf the first time I read this?? I mean, seriously. Lupin means werewolf.

-The Dirtbag Diaries: only the best podcast. Produced by Duct Tape Then Beer and sponsored by Patagonia, this podcast hits on all the outdoor stories. Some powerful stuff in here.

-Podcaths: Yeah, my sister Catherine records 20 minute voice memos and sends them to me. They’re easily the best thing I listen to. I hope they continue off trail 😉.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Run: Tales of a Botswanan Safari Guide: This is a new addition to my library and I LOVE it. Hilarious, but also some pretty heavy stuff mixed in too.

-My Spotify Disney Playlist: Thank you, Walt, for creating such a legacy. Thank you, Moana, for voicing my inner thoughts. Thank you, Phil Collins, for being a classic. And thank you, Emma Watson, for being Belle. 

-Hillsong United: thoughts on their new stuff??? I dig it.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: This is a Donald Miller book and, full transparency, it’s not my jam. It’s a little too slow for my taste. I’ll stick with some of my other favs of Don’s (Through Painted Deserts, Blue Like Jazz).

Bonhoeffer: SO good, just too slow. Hoping to get through this guy in Oregon, where I can totally zone out through miles!

-La La Land soundtrack: there’s a reason why this movie won best picture (even if it was only for a sec).

-A lot of other Spotify playlists! Loving those 90s tunes and coffee house acoustic music. Every time Alexis Murdoch comes on I get a little too excited. And Fall Out Boy is my go-to when I want to crush miles.
What are YOU listening to??? Any book or podcast recommendations? Please, let me know!
EDIT: Just caught news that Taylor is back on Spotify. This entire post is now void. 🙌

2 thoughts on “Update: Tunes & Such

  1. Your current list is impressive! I suggest it to everyone, but the How I Built This podcast by NPR is actually incredible. If you haven’t heard it before, you might try the Patagonia, Southwest, or AirBnB episodes first. Keep cruising man!! You’re an inspiration.


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