JMT Thru-Hike: Day 0

Airport !!!!

Welp, hiker trash Andrew is back! A few hours ago I rolled up to the Austin airport in a freshly-detailed, heavily tinted Escalade (thanks for the free upgrade @Lyft !) sporting ~the look.~

#OOTD: 1 hour of sleep, ripped shorts, oldish darn toughs, newish trail runners, anxiety over unfinished to-dos, my sweet sweet melanzana, a dry fit tee, my favorite blood-stained bandana, the staple Patagonia hat, and a 40L poorly packed pack with a Talenti jar asking to fall out of the side pocket.

Thaaaat is ~the look.~

Today I return to the thru-hiker life, and I’ve recruited a new member. THE Beau Glenn and I are hiking the John Muir Trail (JMT) together over the next 3 weeks. Could I have asked for a better trail fam than my Dad? I’m a lucky dog.

John Muir Wilderness, 6/17

Mount Whitney 6/17

Quick overview:

The JMT is a 210 mile National Scenic Trail which stretches from Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney. The majority overlaps the PCT (that one trail), and I had the treat of hiking the JMT in its entirety last year due to awkward resupplies and a small detour. Last Father’s Day while resupplying at VVR in the Sierra, I told my dad via poor cell service, “Some day I want to hike the JMT with you.” Fast forward a year annnnd here we are. SOBO lezgo.

The Sierra Nevada is home to enchantment and song, rivers and glaciers, enormous trees and granite peaks that glow ember at dawn. The mountains speak the language of the Divine, worshipping with inspiring confidence.

I’ve learned to drop certain guilt when talking about my time in the Range, with worries of overusing “last year in the Sierra” and “yo look at this photo.” Even with time, I find it difficult not to talk about (many poets, explorers, authors, and fellow thru-hikers can relate).

Mather Pass 6/17

Yesterday I was chatting with some new friends about macro vs. micro adventures. While both are needed in their own life, the macroadventure trips that breach comfort zones and sharpen new skills are. my. jam. These experiences demand vulnerability and humility, while serving as a catalyst for self-confidence and personal growth.

In microadventures (trips close to home) community is typically championed via s’mores, card games, cast-iron feasts, and belly-laughter. They’re needed, underused, and so simple! Grab a friend, book a campsite, and sleep outdoors. Easypeasylemonsqueezy.

Anyway- when the community of microadventures is paired with the breached comfort zone of the macro, magic happens. This is life-transformation. This is my experience while thru-hiking.

Forester Pass 6/17

I’m giddy to return to the Sierra and to retrace some of the most meaningful footsteps I’ve walked. More than that, I’m so stoked to share these moments (new and old) with my dad. I am blown away. Woo boy.

As always, thanks for following along, and I apologize for the inconsistent shambly narrative through this post. Nothing new, but I’m blaming this one on 1 hour of sleep and distracting aerial views of the Rockies and Sierra. 😋

Until next post!

AG / Peanut

3 thoughts on “JMT Thru-Hike: Day 0

  1. I love your thought on macro/micro adventures… definitely true. I backpacked Red River Gorge in Kentucky over rainy & humid Memorial Day Weekend, and one of my fave memories was squeezing 4 people into a 2 person tent to play card games while it poured outside 🙂 Planning to embark on my own thru of the PCT next year though, and I’m excited to completely get out of my daily workday grind. Have a great time on your JMT hike!


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